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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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10/6/12 you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> a murder mystery in the east bay. a woman is found dead in her home. a family in grief wants answers. >> a thunder weekend in the bay area. the traffic problems and what we can expect tomorrow. >> a new day, a new record. the cause and when a drop in prices could be coming. >> good evening. friends and family spent the night remembering a family found dead in her home. a neighbor found her body around 10:45 last night. with reaction from her family. >> friends and family members are gathered outside of the house where 55-year-old was found dead last night. and this is a close nit neighborhood where residents have blocked
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parties. they have lived here more than 30 years. at this point police do not know a motive and not made any arrest. this is what we do know. her husband says she was supposed to pick him up last night. he called and called and got in touch with the neighbor and asked her to check on his wife. the neighbor found susie in the front of the house dead. >> she was lying in the front of the house. there was blood present and an indication of traumatic injury. >> she was attacked. she was murdered. inside the house. >> the family car was also missing. it's a blue subaaru out back with license plate 1 a 1 f 680. call police. the family has not been allowed back in the house. the front door is missing. and a board is in its place. police took that board
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as possible evidence. what we have learned about the victim is she was a former school teacher. she was the mother of four and her and her husband have been married for 34 years. so a lot of unanswered questions tonight. family members and friends grieving wanting to know who did this to susie. cbs 5. >> thank you. a 6 year old girl is dead and her mother in the hospital after a car slammed into them in a daily city church parking lot. happened at the saint andrew catholic church around 9:00. the little girl who later died at the hospital was at the church for saturday school. >> when the class is over, kids are coming out maybe 40 or 50 kids in this building over here. >> there's a lot of traffic. >> not much in the way of traffic. just a bunch of kids coming out. >> the girl's mother and another woman are recovering at the hospital with life threatening injuries. the woman behind the wheel stayed at the scene after the crash.
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she has not been charged. >> east palo alto detectives are -- police say 21-year-old christopher baker was found wounded on 820 last night. three hours later, 24-year-old brown with multiple shots to his body. both victims died at the scene. >> traffic didn't appear to be a major issue during this weekend in the bay area. big events in san francisco is bringing an estimated 1 million people to the city. one of those spectacles the giant's first playoff game of the year. joins us now with an update as well as first post season game in 6 years. >> the a's are all set and done in their beds thinking of game 2. game 1 did not workout so well. the giants by the way, they are down 5-1 for the reds. they have bases loaded in the
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9th. and sandoval -- most of these runs were scored by a home run. who would have thought that was coming. but they had a 9th inning defensive melt down. tacked on a couple more runs for cincinnati. just awaiting. i have everything in my ear to tell me what's going on. now i'm told it's 5-2. the giants have now scored a run. with one out, there's the applause from roberto over there off camera. let's just go ahead and talk about the oakland athletics. they went to detroit on a wave of mention. game 1 of the alds. led off the game with a first a's lead off post season home run. ricky anderson in 19891-0 and that's when the man got stronger as the game went on. he struck out 11 a's. batters kept him off balance. 14th strike outs.
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the a's could have tied it here. brandon moss got to the warning track and the a's lose game 1, 3-1. game 2, 9:00 a.m. in the morning. it's not how you start, it's how you finish in this five game series. i'll be back in another 10 minutes and i'll come up and say the same thing. i'll give you an update on the giants. give you a full minute. >> thanks very much. all those big crowds today are expected to be larger tomorrow. the busiest weekend of the year is expected to bring in more than a million visitors. reporter sharon chin shows us. >> reporter: the crowds filled north beach tonight capping fly overs at the water front. the blue angels thundered over marina green. san francisco police tracking the weekend events say they made no arrests
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and issued no citations. officers didn't even have to close marina boulevard to help with crowd control. >> we have the same amount of crowd but it's been very happy crowd. a lot of families. a lot of people from out of town. a lot of tour ists. before the giants game tonight, remained the hot spot for gridlock most of the day. the right lane northbound from washington to bay streets became off limits to cars. it was reserved for bicycles and emergency vehicles. and we saw quite a few people on their bicycles. >> did you encounter any traffic anywhere? >> not at all. everybody pretty much listened up to the warnings. and kind of stayed off the roads. >> so many people packed into san francisco bay ferry boats that record rider ship by the weekend by the end of tonight. 15,000 people, five times more than usual.
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muni reports 27% jump in riders. so does bart. there was no major congestion on the bridges as projected. those who did drive left hours early. got here about 9:00 this morning. and we did have to look around for a little bit. took us maybe five minutes to park. we parked over and walked in. which avoided all this messbehind us. some people walked. others took taxi's to avoid parking. >> we left our car at the hotel and then walked or took a cab around. >> and chased down the taxi. >> and chased down the taxi. >> how are you going to get back? >> we're figuring that out. >> tomorrow may be busier. bluegrass festival and the giants. plus more, a niners game, street festivals and a parade. >> lots going on. obviously, this is no ordinary weekend in san francisco.
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and that presents unique challenges for police. cbs 5 reporter takes us behind the scenes with many women in charge of crowd control. >> it's been a huge lead up to this. along with the speck tick al celebration -- spectacle and celebration. >> we've been planning for a year or better. >> it's go time for the department of emergency management gathered at the center on turk street with representatives from the fire and police departments, the red cross and public transit. current data. >> those all get shared. those are tidbits of information if something bad happens. >> at the heart of any real emergency response, these red telephones, the mayor's emergency telephone system look old school. but that's on purpose. >> it is analog, it's plain old telephone system. it's on a separate system. it's not
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competing for band width. >> a bit more high tech. mobile command unit parked in the middle of the action where they monitor radio traffic and local news reports. >> there's no known threat against the city or any of the events this weekend. those are things as officials we have to take that type of thing. >> what if there's a horrible earthquake today? are we prepared? >> we're prepared to manage. i can't prevent it. i wish i could say that nothing bad ever happens by all this planning. that's the whole point is that whatever happens to get thrown at us, we're prepared to manage it. >> cbs 5. >> and for all things fleet week including up to the minute traffic, go to our web site, >> it was bound to happen, california gas prices have hit an all time average high. a gallon of unledded regular gas is now $4.61. that's up 12
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cents from just yesterday. some stations are even charging $5 a gallon. if you had to fill up, you know the feeling. >> there's nothing else i can change except that it hurts a lot. every time we turn around we're getting hit with something. >> that's quite a hike. it's not even a step by step. it makes a big difference. >> the previous record was set back in 2008. experts say we should be close to the peak now and prices should start to fall as we head into next week. if you do want to save cash, we're here to help. enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. as if police weren't busy enough, officers in riot gear breakup a protest in the streets. >> five terror suspects appear in court. i'll have that story coming up.
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>> good evening, everybody. today, sunshine. tonight still clear skies. but yet the day showers are back in the forecast. eyewitness news continues on the cw. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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a small group of protestersn of protesters in san francio it's anticolonialism. protests. >> a small group of protestors in san francisco did what damage in california today. the group broke windows at a year by starbucks. police arrested 22 people. one officer was hit in the head by a projectile tossed by protestor. a rally and march
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in downtown san francisco to mark the 11th anniversary was uneventful. five terror suspects are behind bars. they were extradited in the united kingdom overnight. appeared in court today including the bombing of two u.s. embassies in 1998. >> reporter: entered no plea as he stood in front of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt revealing his amputated arms which are covered by prosthetic hooks. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a training camp in oregon. >> would have trained al-qaida sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and soldier training. >> two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one is charged with terrorism
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conspiracy in connection with the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings killing 224 people including a dozen americans. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> this is the second time an egyptian born islamic preacher is brought to this court to answer charges. he was convicted here in 1995 for plotting to blowup the new york city bridges. >> but this case is the culmination of several years from getting extradited from the uk. the shoe bomber -- were followers. the five terror suspects were extradited to the u.s. overnight arriving in new york under tight security. cbs news, new york. >> roberto joins us now. beautiful skies for the blue angels to fly through.
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>> it was a gift today. absolutely stellar. tomorrow a little more cloud cover moving in to the bay area. good evening. let's take a look at today's highs around the bay area. that's why all these people were out and about. and still are in north beach tonight. a little light jacket will do as the temperature in san francisco is 58. after realizing a high today of 68 degrees. low 70s around the san jose area back in through allen rock and willow glen. 73 today and into napa. tonight overnight we will have the clear skies. but we will see the development is clouds and overnight hours. temperature wise into the 40s now. and into the 50s. southwest breeze at 15. see that right there? that counterclockwise rotation. that low hanging off the coast to california is what mixed up our marine layer today and had ample sunshine. going to slide closer to the bay area tomorrow. we'll see more clouds and a
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cooler sunday. take a look at future cast. notice the marine layer does build. by lunch hour it's wiped away except around the immediate sea shore. should not hamper those flight plans and fills into the gaps again tomorrow night. so what does this mean for the half marathon tomorrow morning 8:00? upper 50s under partly to mostly cloudy sky. we're talking football. at 1:25 in the afternoon, partly sunny skies. 65 degrees. tomorrow, your highs going down. 50s. back into belmont. otherwise 60s to 70s come across the santa clara valley. 68 fremont as well as hey ward. inland, east bay. the warmest number, mid 70s down about five degrees. low 70s
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through american canyon. 60 san francisco. down from 68 degrees today. walk you through this extended forecast. that trough hanging off shore, that is what's going to produce a slight chance of a shower. on monday and tuesday. wednesday will be your transition day. still keep the clouds up around the bay area. and then on thursday through saturday, more seasonal conditions under partly sunny sky and certainly dry. if we do see any shower activity on monday and tuesday. very light. not looking at anything measurable and i don't think it's going to materialize but we have to put it in there to cover our bases. >> and it did cool down. in comparison we are 30 degrees cooler. >> it's amazing. >> thank you. the verdict is in, the butler did it. the case of the leaked documents. >> reporter: record of 7 years of faithful service as the
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butler and his apology earned him a reduced sentence. he said he acted out of an advisor aloe owe viseral love. found in his apartment were some with the word destroy written in german. they were leaked to italian journalist who used them in a book detailing corruption, intrigue and fighting at the highest levels. the unanswered question is whether anyone else was involved in the leaks. the butler insisted he had no accomplices even though he gave the names of police and cardinals with whom he had spoken and received suggestions. in a situation unique the pope was both victim and supreme judge. as absolute ruler of the vatican he wheels all power. the spokesman insisted the court reached verdict in full
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independent without any interference. and he added most likely pardon. >> her client was serine and not appeal. the convicted butler left court to begin serving his sentence in his family apartment in vatican city. the vatican has no long-term detention facility. until now, it hasn't needed one. cbs news, rome. >> church and state versus freedom of speech. cheerleaders are putting it to the test.
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the high school cheerleader in texas are at the center of a court case. carried banners at games that had bible verses on them. freedom of speech and the separation of church and state. >> friday night under the lights in texas. the band, the fans, the players and something different. a banner with a christian message written by the school's cheerleaders. >> we thought it would be a
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great message to get across. >> but that message is now at the center of a legal battle. the school's superintendent banned the banners last month when a group claimed they violate the separation of church and state. a judge has allowed the practice to continue until he rules. and last night there were more religious signs than ever before. and friends and family who say the cheerleader's messages are free speech. >> both the united states constitution and the texas constitution guarantee the right to freely express your viewpoints. >> the parents have hired an attorney to keep the banners. because the girls decided to use the bible versus on their own and not at the school's request. it's their protected speech. >> even at a school football game? >> yes. >> still among the overwhelming support for the girls, there are signs that some believe religion
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has no place here including lindsay. >> once you start doing it, it's a slippery slope. here it's a very big question to me. what if somebody came out and said they wanted to put scripture on it. would it get the same positive group? >> if the judge were to say you can't do it any more, what would that be like for you? >> it would be crushing to our team and to the football team and to many of our citizens. >> another launch into space this time by the private california space company space x. deliver 1,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. launch time is set for tomorrow 5:30 our time. take off from florida. expected to stay in orbit until october 28th. it will then head back to earth with experiments, samples and old equipment. >> okay.
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ahead, bay area baseball teams stuck their toe. almost 44,000. crazy on the home run. was it enough? next. you.
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the cleveland indians have okay. football got huge wins at home. the cleveland indians have terry the new manager. tonight those items don't have the cash to the -- brandon phillips at the break. and hung it too high. backed away to the third. reds lead 2-0 and they were in control. 5-2, tying run. two on and he waves at it to end the game
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on the flame throw. 5-2 reds win. first batter of the game, this is the a's at detroit. the alds. a's led 1-0. just took the a's and tore them apart. 11 strike outs. struck out 14 times . with one on in the 8th brandon almost tied it. back, back, back. they lose 3-1. football. are you ready for a walk off touchdown? this one in overtime. 54-48. they beat arizona and wow . zach led to half brother allen. they hooked up a couple times. leading late in the game over ucla. 42-17. >> wow. >> shocker. >> all right. one more time for sports at 11:00. that does it for us. see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night.
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